Welcome to our new online services area which will be growing over the next few months. There are two main areas. One is for people learning bridge and another is our Teaching Hub for our dedicated bridge teachers. Our Learners area, opening in Spring 2023 has our new course, Smart Bridge and the learner link (new to bridge) below will take you the course information.

During our testing phase, we thank you for your patience.

Teaching hub

Features: Bridge for All course materials all in one place, Knowledge base,  tips and advice, technical help, discounts, news, downloads and more

For details of our new Smart Bridge course, click below. Smart Bridge is a great way to begin learning and practice with one of our teachers. 

We will be adding more courses and content over the coming months, and we are working with small group of test users who will help us improve the site and report errors. Whether you have joined a course, or are a member of our teachers association (EBTA), the access to any protected areas of the website is called a membership. Once you have signed up to use the site you can log in and log out from the top menu. Please view the help link in the menu to find answers to common questions.